Possum Control Decision Support System

This Decision Support System has four components

This assists users to select the most appropriate control tools based on the operational information you provide. 
Supporting information is provided explaining why specific operational information is asked for, 
along with information on best-practice application of the recommended methods. 


These components prompt the users to check that they have considered all critical constraints 
of a possum control operation, and provides a checklist that can be stored or printed for future review.

This component provides up-to-date best-practice information on all aspects of possum control.

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Although every precaution has been taken in the preparation of this Decision support system, 
no responsibility is assumed for errors or omissions, neither is any liability 
assumed for damages resulting from use of the information contained therein.


If you have any queries please contact: DSSfeedback@Landcareresearch.co.nz

Copyright 2005 
Landcare Research

This software is based on 
Mandarax and Oryx components 
developed by Jens Dietrich, Massey University .